Fast SEO Firm is the newest division of Definite Image Productions Inc, a Montréal design and online marketing company, established in 2005.
On January 9, 2012, Fast SEO Firm unveils their Search Engine Optimization program to the public. Itsik Romano, President and CEO states: “Algorithms for search engines evolve daily; the complexity of achieving page ranking has become increasingly more challenging. Discovering the right Search Engine Optimization program is a crucial component for present day business. Fast SEO Firm guarantees increased visibility, builds search engine trust, and elevates page ranking for all our clients”

The uniqueness of Fast SEO Firm is their approach to SEO programming. A small business trial model was designed with their established clientele, each with a specialized niche. The outcomes were recorded and tracked. As the program showed significant success, Fast SEO Firm broadened their trial criteria to incorporate additional businesses. The results continued to surpass projected outcomes during the 30 day time line.

Continuing analysis of results establishes that Fast SEO Firm programming remains consistent and sustainable. Throughout the first month; results validated clients’ online success, by over 400%. Goals were achieved and retained by the constant monitoring of keyword trending and the ever-changing landscape of the major search engines.
In addition, statistics confirm that within the first 25 days, over 75% of the selected keywords resulted in moving clients’ ranking to the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In many cases, the chosen keywords occupied prime positioning on the first page. The methodology and consistency of this SEO program is standing on its own. To review detailed information of several case studies please read below under the section Case Studies

Fast SEO Firm strategically administers their SEO programming for each individual client, the consumer, and the trust of the major search engines.
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Fast SEO Firm is a division of Definite Image Productions Inc.
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